What is an Attended Funeral?

Our Attended Funeral resembles what most people would expect of a traditional funeral. We'll assist you with all the arrangements like playing special music and suggesting a local officiant. The funeral ceremony is lovingly planned by you, we provide our hearse and conduct the funeral on the day, you also have the choice of adding personal preferences such as following limousines etc. This service can be customised to your exact requirements.

What's included in an Attended Funeral?

A Funeral Time & Date to Suit You

We will help you arrange the time and date of the funeral at a crematorium of your choice on a working weekday, so it’s convenient for you and your loved ones. We cover all of the crematoriums throughout Yorkshire and beyond, so there is no restriction on which crematorium you choose.

A Simple Coffin

Provision of a simple coffin with all the appropriate linings and fittings.


Collection of your loved one and transportation on cremation day in a specialised funeral vehicle.

A Hearse

The provision one of our own traditional chauffeur driven hearses to carry your loved one.

Return of Ashes

The ashes will be returned in a simple container within 6 weeks of the cremation. Alternatively the ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium free of charge.

Mortuary Care

Your loved one will be collected from their place of rest and then cared for in our mortuary.

A More Personalised Ceremony

You’ll be able to plan a ceremony very similar to a traditional funeral, with music, the reading of eulogies and help with finding a local minister or celebrant.

Telephone Support

We will be at the end of the telephone throughout the process, helping you with any decisions for the day of the funeral.

Unlimited Attendees

Invite as many family and friends as your local crematorium can hold so that everyone can pay their last respects.

Additional Services Available

The flexibility to add additional services. Please see our FAQ's below for further details.

Attended Funeral Plan

£2,395 or £25.02 pcm 

If an Attended Funeral is the right funeral for you, but you're planning ahead then why not take advantage of our Attended Funeral Plan? Our Attended Funeral Plan includes everything outlined in the Attended Funeral package above, it protects you and your family against ever rising funeral costs and it offers you the convenience of paying for the funeral over an extended period of anything up to 10 years. For more information see our Funeral Plans page or contact us today.


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