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Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Fair Cost Funeral Plans in Sheffield

If you're planning ahead then why not take advantage of one of our prepaid funeral plans? Our funeral plans protect you and your family against ever rising funeral costs and offers you the convenience of paying for the funeral over an extended period of anything up to 10 years.

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What is a Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is a means by which to protect your family against rising funeral costs, and to eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what your preferred funeral arrangements should include.


The passing of a loved-one is obviously a very daunting and emotional time for family and friends. For those responsible for arranging and paying for the funeral, discovering their loved-one had the foresight to take out a funeral plan goes an enormous way towards alleviating their sense of pain and distress.

Money paid into your funeral plan is invested securely in a ring-fenced trust fund and is overseen and managed by an independent panel of qualified Trustees. The prices of our funeral plans are slightly higher than our current at need prices, this is due to the fact that there is a management fee payable to set up the service and a slight increase in cost to help future proof the plan.


In line with all current legislation as set out under the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Marketing Act 2000) - Plan holders’ monies are invested securely in a ring-fenced trust fund that is overseen and managed by independent Trustees.

Take out a Fair Cost Funeral Plan today

Enjoy the future safe in the knowledge, that when the time comes, you’ll receive your perfect final farewell. Contact us below for funeral plans in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley.

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Why Choose us?

Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Tailored Funerals

All Fair Cost funeral plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences... from the big things, like the date and location of the cremation... to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers.

Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Transferable Funerals

Your Fair Cost funeral plan can also be changed or upgraded at any time, and should you move home, it is transferable to any area within the UK at no extra charge.

Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Total Security

In common with all funeral planning companies, the money you pay towards your Fair Cost funeral plan is held securely in a trust fund. Over time this money grows, ensuring that however long you live, there will always be sufficient money within the fund to cover the cost of the funeral director's fees and services.

Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Available to Everyone

Fair Cost funeral plans are available to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of health, medical history, or status.

Low Cost Funerals Sheffield

Payment Flexibility

You can pay for your funeral plan in a single lump sum, or over 12 and 24 months interest free. Alternatively, you can spread the cost over an extended period of anything up to 10 years.

Download our Free Funeral Plan Information Pack

Download our free Funeral Plan Information Pack today to learn more about our funeral plans and our simple, affordable and low-cost alternative to the traditional, costly funeral. If you have any questions or queries about funeral planning, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Funeral Plan Info Pack
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