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How to save money on a funeral

With the cost of living crisis, people are really feeling the pinch. Learning how to save money on a funeral for a friend or relative could provide the extra support required at this difficult time.

Often the problem with paying for a funeral is that the funeral is unexpected. Nobody knows what lies in store for us around the next corner and tight budgets provide further complexities. Let's get started on our tips to save money on a funeral.

Shop around

Whilst shopping around for a funeral may sound grim, it is essential to do so. Like all businesses, funeral directors charge varying amounts for essentially the same service. In times gone by families often stuck with the same funeral home and that meant prices could be inflated without fear of losing business. Times have changed and people are now looking around when it comes to planning their or someone else's funeral.

Take a look at all of your local funeral directors, compare their services, prices and essentially their reviews on Google and elsewhere. Fair Cost Funerals are confident that our prices are amongst the cheapest in Sheffield and our 5-star reviews show that despite our funerals costing less, there is no sacrifice in care and attention to detail. Our funeral services and prices can be found here.

Consider Cremation

It is generally much cheaper for cremation compared to burial. According to Co-op Funeral Care, the estimated cost for a bespoke cremation in Sheffield is £3322 whereas the estimated cost of a bespoke burial in Sheffield is £4255 (estimated prices correct at the time of writing). Fair Cost Funerals offer a bespoke funeral for £2195.

Money can also be saved by choosing not to bury the ashes in the ground and instead spreading them in a place that was important to the deceased.

Cut the costs on memorials

According to the average price for a memorial stone in the Uk is £1024, but there are many ways that you can reduce this cost if you choose if you explore your options.

  • Typically Granite headstones are the cheapest option.

  • Flat headstone memorials are the cheapest choice when it comes to shape.

  • Keep in mind that drawings, photographs and other designs will incur additional costs on the final price of a memorial stone.

Alternatively planting a tree in memory of your loved one or having a plaque on a bench in their favourite place may be a more cost-effective and appropriate way to remember your loved one.

Reduce the cost of the service

It's very unlikely that anyone attending a funeral will be inspecting the quality of paper used in the funeral service program. Therefore, why not design and print these yourself? The cost of having programs printed can be extravagant and actually, it is far more personal when funeral programs are designed by someone close to the deceased. If you do not possess the skills or confidence to do this, ask around often someone you know will. If you must use a professional service, shop around, prices can vary greatly.

The wake doesn't have to break the bank

Did the deceased have a favourite pub or club? Did they regularly attend a community centre or church hall? Often these places will offer a discount or even allow hire of their facilities for free to someone that attended regularly.

Don't go overboard on food! If you do decide to offer a buffet or similar at a wake there is no need to try and do too much. Keep it simple, no one attending a funeral gives a second thought to how extravagant the food was.

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Fair Cost Funerals.

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