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Direct Funeral


What is a Direct Funeral?

A Direct Funeral is a cremation that’s perfect for those that don’t want or need a ceremony or service of any kind before cremation.

A few days prior to the funeral, your loved one will be collected from their place of rest and then cared for in our mortuary. Then we’ll take them directly to the crematorium on the cremation day in one of our custom made funeral vehicles. The direct cremation will then take place without any mourners by a qualified chapel attendant.

What's included in a Direct Funeral?

Low Cost Funeral

Direct Funeral

With no mourners present, supervised by a qualified chapel attendant in a respectful way.

Low Cost Funeral

A Simple Coffin

Provision of a simple coffin with all the appropriate linings and fittings*.

Low Cost Funeral


Collection of your loved one and transportation on cremation day in a specialised funeral vehicle.

Low Cost Funeral

Mortuary Care

Your loved one will be collected from their place of rest and then cared for in our mortuary.

Low Cost Funeral

Scattering of Ashes

The ashes will be scattered in the crematoriums peaceful garden of remembrance. The ashes can be returned to you for an additional fee.

Low Cost Funeral

Additional Services

The flexibility to add additional services. Please see our FAQ's below for further details.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s not included in a Traditional Burial?
    The following are not included in a Traditional Funeral. • Limousines Limousines can be added for additional fee of £250 per vehicle. • Floral Tributes We can recommend local florists for you to discuss suitable tributes with. This is a non-exhaustive list of what isn’t included in an Intimate Funeral. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.
  • Can you take our loved one to your mortuary until cremation day?
    Yes, we will collect your loved one a few days prior to the day of the service and care for them in our professional mortuary.
  • Can you collect our loved one outside of your working hours?
    Yes, we can. Collection outside of 9am to 5pm on working weekdays is £225.
  • Are there any restrictions on the size of your coffins?
    Our coffins are the industry standard size of: 84 in (213 cm) long 28 in (71 cm) wide 23 in (58 cm) tall However, if you feel that a larger coffin may be required then please discuss this with one of our team. An additional fee may be payable.

If our Direct Funeral doesn't quite suit your needs then perhaps our Intimate Funeral would be better for you.

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