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Funeral Flowers Guide

Sending Funeral Flowers is a traditional way of paying tribute to someone who has passed away. Unfortunately, some people shy away from this because they are unsure of the proper funeral flower etiquette. We have created a helpful guide on how to choose funeral flowers and what you should consider when sending flowers for a traditional funeral.

Things to consider when sending funeral flowers for sympathy

1. What is your relationship to the deceased?

Your relationship with the deceased will determine what type of funeral flowers you should send. Typically funeral etiquette suggests that:

  • The flowers for the casket are chosen by close family members

  • Relatives and close friends should choose from hearts, wreaths, cushions or any other custom tributes to pay respects to the deceased

  • Friends and work colleagues may choose a spray or sheaf arrangement

2. What is the faith of the deceased?

Send funeral flowers for sympathy

This is can cause confusion for many people wishing to send flowers for a funeral. Funeral flower etiquette does vary from faith to faith. What may be suitable for one culture may not be in another. To avoid accidental upset it is important to consider the faith/religion of the deceased and their family before sending funeral flowers for sympathy. As a guide try to stick to the following principles.

  • Catholic - All types of flowers are appropriate

  • Protestant Christian - All types of flowers are appropriate

  • Mormon - Most flowers are appropriate but avoid flowers that form the shape of a cross

  • Jewish - It is not common to send flowers to a Jewish funeral or to the family home during shiva

  • Hindu - Most floral arrangements are accepted, garlands are more commonly worn at a Hindu funeral.

  • Muslim - It is good etiquette to ask permission from family members before sending flowers to an Islamic funeral.

3. What do the bereaved family want?

Families may ask for charitable donations instead of flowers. More often than not this will be published in the obituary notices or funeral announcements in a local newspaper like the Sheffield Star. If the family does state that charitable donations are preferred then it is always best to follow the family’s wishes.

Which funeral flowers should you send for sympathy?

The best thing to do when choosing Funeral Flowers is to think about the person, their personality and your relationship with them. What type of flower best represents this? Here are some ideas to help.

Rose Funeral Flowers

Send funeral flowers for sympathy

Red Roses - Typically represent everlasting love. A deep red rose is often thought to symbolise a deeper bond than lighter-coloured red roses which are said to symbolise passion and desire

Pink Roses - The meaning of pink roses is gratitude and admiration. They’re the perfect choice for the people you appreciate most, like your friends, siblings or teachers. Pink roses can also represent femininity and elegance

Peach Roses - The meaning of peach roses is gratitude

Yellow Roses - Commonly known as a friendship flower because of all the joy they give, a yellow rose bouquet is also thought to represent the joy that a friend gives

Orange Roses - The meaning of orange roses is enthusiasm and energy

Black Rose - Traditionally black roses symbolise death and passing away

Lillies - The perfect funeral flower?

funeral flowers sheffield

White Lillies - Often preferred for weddings and funerals, white lilies express the rejuvenation of the soul. They can represent purity, commitment and rebirth, which is why they’re often chosen as Sympathy Flowers.

Pink Lillies - Pink lilies stand for love, femininity and admiration

Orange Lillies - These lilies represent positivity and warmth

Yellow Lillies - Yellow lilies make great ‘thank you’ flowers

Carnation Funeral Flowers

fair cost funeral flowers sheffield

White carnations -White Carnations represent purity and luck

Light red carnations - These Carnations show admiration

Dark red carnations - These Carnations typically represent love and affection

Pink carnations - The meaning of pink carnations is gratitude

Worried about the condolence card? Don't be!

If you send funeral flowers for sympathy you should always include a card so that the family knows who they are from. It can be difficult to know what to write but our advice is to keep it simple. A few kind words of remembrance or comfort are all that is needed. Have a look at some of our examples below:

‘In deepest sympathy as you remember (insert name). May she/he rest in peace

‘With love and fond memories at this sorrowful time’

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time’

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Fair Cost Funerals.

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