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What to wear to a funeral in Sheffield?

Choosing what to wear to a funeral in Sheffield can be a tough one. We believe that the most fundamental thing to consider is the wishes of the bereaved.

Black clothing is the traditional funeral dress, though dark colours are also fitting.

A typical dress code for a funeral in Sheffield is:

  • A dark two-piece or three-piece suit

  • Formal skirt or dress

  • White shirt or blouse

  • Formal jacket or jacket

  • Black shoes

If you are doubtful about what to wear, it is simple enough to ask a family member or the funeral director for advice.

Something that is becoming more popular in the UK is colourful funerals. This is when the family request that attendees wear bright colours or a particular type of dress code. This is often the choice of the deceased before they passed away but can sometimes be a choice of close family members.

What to wear to a funeral in Sheffield? The Classics

  • Formal dark suit

  • Formal white shirt with collar

  • Plain black tie and tie pin

  • Elegant black shoes

A black suit isn’t always essential but if you are uncertain it is a good idea to go for dark colours. Dark colours are acceptable at most funerals. Readers should be aware that Black is not always appropriate for religious funerals. See the section below on what to wear for different faith funerals. Attendees should always avoid denim, short-sleeved shirts and trainers unless this is asked for by the family.

Can I wear a dress or skirt?

There is no problem at all with wearing a smart dress or skirt that reaches the knees. This is generally considered more than suitable for a funeral.

If you are planning on wearing a dress to a funeral in Sheffield, the following pointers should help:

  • Knee-length skirt or dress

  • Smart plain shirt

  • Blazer or smart jacket

  • Smart appropriate shoes

  • Dark colours

As with wearing a suit, wearing black isn’t always necessary. However, it is best to wear dark colours unless directed differently by the family.

Be sure to choose a skirt or dress of suitable length and desist in wearing anything that could be considered too revealing.

Try to keep accessories to a minimum and be mindful of your footwear if you are attending an outdoor funeral.

Do children wear the same as adults to a funeral?

Yes, Children should also dress formally to a funeral. This means dark colours are favoured. Tradition specifies formal dark coloured suits or smart dresses etc.

What to wear to a funeral in winter?

It’s imperative to pick outfits that you will be protected in as some funerals can last a while.

If the funeral is in the winter, it’s important to choose warm clothing and maybe even layer your outfit.

This is even more important if you are attending a burial. Dark coats, scarves and gloves are all appropriate.

What to wear for religious funerals in Sheffield?

If you are visiting a religious burial, then you may need to familiarise yourself with the etiquette of a singular faith. If you are unsure of the protocol and dress code have a look at the pointers below:

  • Catholic funerals – Normally dark, plain clothing

  • Buddhist funerals – Family traditionally wear white. Attendees are expected to wear simple black or dark clothes.

  • Christian funerals – Refer to Catholic funerals

  • Hindu funerals – White is believed the primary colour of grief at Hindu funerals

  • Jewish funerals – Black is usually worn at a Jewish funeral

  • Muslim funerals – Etiquette is to dress in black or dark colours.

  • Sikh funerals – Traditionally, white is the colour of mourning. However, black or dark colours are more prevalent in western culture.

Things that should not be worn at a funeral

The following shouldn't be worn at a funeral unless the family has declared contrarily. Dodge donning vivid colours to a funeral. If you are in any doubt invariably its best air on the side of caution.

Avoid any of the following when visiting a funeral:

  • Training shoes and flip-flops

  • T-shirts

  • Denim Jeans

  • Caps

  • Bright Ties

  • Excessive quantities of jewellery

We hope our post on what to wear for a funeral in Sheffield was helpful.

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Fair Cost Funerals.

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