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Memorial Service Ideas

Why write a blog on 'Memorial Service Ideas'. I hear you say? Aren't they all the same? Well, that's the beauty of a memorial service... You have a creative licence.

Many people are choosing cremation instead of burial and therefore choosing to hold a memorial service instead of a more traditional church funeral.

People like the idea that a memorial service can be tailored more to the individual and represent their true personality.

Options for memorial service ideas are endless, To help we have created a list of unique memorial service ideas for you and your loved ones to consider.

Top 3 Memorial Service Ideas for Any Budget

Celebrate the person!

What did your loved one like to do? Did they have a favourite sports team? Did they belong to an organisation or group? I'm sure the answer in some way shape or form is yes! Could attendees all wear the same football shirt? A certain colour? Could tributes be shared with others that were like-minded or shared the same interest?

How about a Memory Tree?

We love this idea and have seen it in action. Families often find great joy in reading about the memories of a loved one from someone else's point of view. A memory tree can be as simple as a drawing of a tree that people stick their memories too. However, we have seen beautiful and elaborate creations that must take days to build. Check out this guide to creating a memory tree.

They always used to say that!

People have their mannerisms and quotes that they tend to use time and time again. Why not celebrate their uniqueness by displaying their regularly used sayings?!? A popular one in Sheffield is 'Tha no use no ornament' Whatever that means!

The best of the rest memorial service ideas

Memorial handout

A Memorial Service handout can be a brilliant way of writing about your loved one and creating a keepsake for people to take home with them. We often find that people like to include funny stories or favourite poems or literature.

Memorial Service Photo or Video Tribute

A great idea that we have seen in action many times is a video or photo presentation created by family and friends. A memorial video is a beautiful way to celebrate someone’s life. Whether you want to display it at a funeral, memorial service, or simply watch it together with family at home, a memorial video helps you relive the best memories of your loved one.

Share Memories at an Open Mic

One of our favourite Memorial Service Ideas is to hold an 'open mic' for family and friends to share their memories. Often the highlight of the memorial service the 'open mic' is cherished for little-known stories and humour.

Plant a Memorial Tree

Dedicating a tree or woodland provides a living, growing memorial to a loved one and a poignant way of remembering them.

Create a Memorial Capsule

Place a box somewhere accessible for guests to place personal letters, favourite memories, photos, or items that represent your beloved to them in the box.

This could be buried with the person at the cemetery, buried at home as a time capsule, or kept by the family as a keepsake.

Memorial Service Songs

As funerals become more bespoke families are opting for modern songs to be played at the service. A favourite song played at the right time can provide an appropriately emotional or nostalgic touch.

Some of the most popular songs that we have come across include:

My Way – Frank Sinatra

Angels – Robbie Williams

The Best – Tina Turner

Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers come in all colours, types, and arrangements.

Memorial service flowers can be used to celebrate the life of your loved one. For more on Funeral Flowers please see our post here.

If you have more questions or would like answers to different questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the friendly team at Fair Cost Funerals.

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